Daniel Schow

Your story matters, Daniel makes it his mission to equip you with the tools you need to tell it.

Daniel has nearly a decade of experience as a strategic adviser, storyteller, and media relations professional at the federal, provincial and international level, with a career that has taken him across Canada and beyond. He has spent time in the Office of the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition on Parliament Hill, in the Premier’s Office and around the Cabinet table in Alberta’s Legislature, alongside leadership throughout Treaty 6 territory in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and in collaboration with key decision makers from Mexico City.

Passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to tell their stories confidently and competently, Daniel excels in strategic planning and execution, bringing a dynamic blend of experience and skill to any team or project.

As a former Press Secretary on Parliament Hill, he routinely navigated complex media landscapes both at home and abroad. As an Issues Manager in the Premier’s office in Alberta he managed large teams across several ministries, providing policy and communications counsel to the Premier and Cabinet. As VP of Strategic Relationships at Turko & Associates, he led Indigenous community outreach and government relations efforts, advised on successful Chief and Council campaigns, and crafted strategies for Indigenous storytelling projects.

Having lived two years in Central Mexico, Daniel is fluent in Spanish and leverages his passion, language skills, and unique experience to strengthen Canada-Mexico relations. He recently organized a diplomatic envoy of Mexican Federal and State Cabinet Ministers to Alberta, aimed at increasing connectivity between the two countries. He also has experience identifying and consulting on business opportunities for Canadian and international clients in Mexico.

His ability to manage key relationships and facilitate meetings in both English and Spanish positions him as a valuable asset for projects requiring seasoned expertise in government relations, communications, media training, strategic planning and more.