Hamish Marshall

Most people tell stories with words. Hamish is a strategist, pollster and demographic expert who tells stories with numbers.

Hamish is one of Canada’s best-known political strategists. He has designed and implemented campaigns at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

Marshall has been working as a public opinion researcher since 2006. Working for the Government of Canada he was the liaison between the central agencies of government and the Prime Minister's Office on all matters relating to public opinion research.

He later served as Research Director for Angus Reid Public Opinion before founding Abingdon Research in 2010. Since 2010 he has built the research business to work with companies across Canada and as part of ONE to help our clients make better decisions. He has been the project lead on all the projects described above.

Marshall has been analyzing and interpreting data from online panels since 2009. This includes testing and calibrating new panels in jurisdictions like the United Kingdom as well as ensuring that panel growth is appropriate and balanced across Canada. He has conducted many large-scale projects on panels and understands their assets and strengths to ensure the most accurate results for government decision making.

Marshall has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. His highest mark was achieved on the quantitative methods course.

He has an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto in International Relations.